His Desired Mate(Sequel to The Alpha’s Regret)


His Desired Mate(Sequel to The Alpha’s Regret)

Length: 01hrs 16mins 6 episodesCompleted
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“Don’t you feel those sparks? Lexi, they are lighting my body up like a fucking Christmas tree. You must feel them too?” “No Zack. I literally don’t feel anything towards you...What are you doing?!LET ME DOWN YOU ASSHOLE!” Lexi thought that she had finally rid herself of the smothering rules of the wolfpack and the mollycoddling of her Alpha Dad, and that she could finally live incognito among the humans who treat her as an ordinary fellow human girl. Well, she couldn’t be more wrong. The wolves are catching up to her, the one in the lead insisting that they fall in love, now.


  • alpha
  • love-triangle
  • possessive
  • fated
  • playboy
  • goodgirl
  • bxg
  • pack
  • childhood crush
  • passionate
  • Romance


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