The Hybrid's Second Chance Mate


The Hybrid's Second Chance Mate

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Kinley is used to being different, not just because she's curvy in a werewolf pack but because instead of having a wolf she's an empath. She's able to sense and read people's thoughts and emotions by one single touch. As such every relationship she's had has ended in disaster and she no longer believes in true love, after all she's seen every kind of man out there and she's less than impressed. She keeps to herself, hires herself out as a nanny and moves on when it becomes too much. Too many men have tried to take advantage of her position and she'll let hell freeze over before she lets them. Besides, her father is hell possessive and has taught her to fight and stand up for herself. When she becomes a nanny to a man whose a recluse in a shifter pack, she wonders at the reason for his absence especially when it comes to his adorable son. She can't complain though. The pay's good, she doesn't have to fend off unwanted advances and she has the freedom to do whatever she wants on her time off. Could life be any more better or is there something behind closed doors that she should know about and will she ever find that elusive true love or is she destined to be alone forever?


  • Paranormal
  • second chance
  • shifter
  • kickass heroine
  • powerful
  • luna
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • servant


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