My Alpha Protectors


My Alpha Protectors

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"Why are you so stubborn?" he asked me in frustration and I looked at him in disbelief. "Stubborn???? Is this the proper way to define me, Lucian?" he groaned in frustration and hit the wall behind me making me flinched and I closed my eyes. I could feel his hot breaths on my face but it was not the time to show weaknesses to him. "You are my mate, Lucian but you can't control me. It's my duty to protect my family, my pack. I am their Luna and I can't", I opened my eyes and looked straight into his eyes. "I can't run away from my duties towards them", I saw his eyes darkened at that very instant indicating that his beast was surfacing now but I had to stand on my ground firm if I want to protect my family.


  • Paranormal
  • possessive
  • family
  • fated
  • arrogant
  • powerful
  • confident
  • tragedy
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • enimies to lovers


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