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Daphne Rosemoore is an 18 year old college student that is naive in many ways. Due to being sheltered in the huge walls that was built around her, her knowledge about the outside world were quite limited. Despite her shortcomings, people still sees her as the epitome of a good daughter and a promising prodigy. Because of the pressure that slowly ate her well-being, she developed series of bad habits that she desperately tried to hide behind the mask she wears everyday. Overthinking just to make sure she did everything alright, short temper because she doesn't want to lose focus or change the way it was supposed to, and many more. But oh, everyone gets tired too. Her vast knowledge about almost every learning category is undoubtedly true. But her naïveness about the most famous word that almost everyone knows is noticeable as well: she has almost close to no understanding in the word LOVE. But everything changed when she saw Christopher Evans, a member of the band 'Gray Sky' that her bestfriends, Melanie and Fiona support. When she agreed in trying to know the band more, she hadn't expected that her life would change drastically. Gray Sky is a famous band that is quite well known in different parts of the world. But with Daphne being herself, she isn't interested in other things that she sees as a distraction in her usual routine, so she is one of those other people that doesn't know them. But meeting them taught her more about life. *** "I love you, D." he honestly confessed. "Even with me being like this?" Daphne asked. "Will you really love me the way I am?" she asked, fearing for rejection or any negative response. Christopher smiled. "Of course." he said and raised their hands. "See this?" he asked, tightening his grasp on her hand. "You're not just someone like that, or a girl living in a way like that." he said and chuckled. "You're the owner of my heart. That makes you my queen." Finally, with a smile that can outshine the brightest star, Daphne hugged him. That's the exact time she knew what the foreign bliss she's feeling is, and that feeling is called LOVE.


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • opposites attract
  • independent
  • band
  • student
  • drama
  • sweet
  • city
  • sassy
  • love at the first sight


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