Married To A Tyrant


Married To A Tyrant

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The sound of the shattering glass sent a chill down my spine, forcing me to withdraw deeper into the corner where I was tucked in. "Mansur, please stop. At least for Aaliyah's sake." I begged, the tears streaming down my cheeks. He swung around to face me, his eyes blazing with rage. "To hell with you and that bloody girl." he yelled. Do you hear me, Salma? To HELL with you and her. This is my house, and I can do whatever I want." he yelled, throwing the bottle at my dressing mirror. The glass shattered all over the room, the larger pieces landing on some of the bottles on the drawer beside the dressing mirror in which I kept my incense sticks. This caused them to shatter as well, the glass falling everywhere across the room. I could hear Aaliyah crying in the next room, but I could not go to her as Mansur was blocking the door. "You will learn your place today." he yelled, unbuckling his belt. I shut my eyes as the tears continued to flow, knowing all too well what came next. The first strike was always the one that hurt most.


  • forced
  • arranged marriage
  • arrogant
  • goodgirl
  • powerful
  • twisted
  • Romance


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