The Forgotten Wolf Kin


The Forgotten Wolf Kin

Length: 34hrs 20mins 107 episodesCompleted
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24 year old Malachi Milner, soon to be Alpha of the quiet Scafell pack, heads off to Alpha training… without his Luna. His once sleepy and predictable world turns upside down when an unprovoked attack threatens his life and his title. He should have died, instead not only did he survive, but he discovers that the poisonous and lethal silver that caused his would, was now imbedded and glowing in it. Having no idea what this means, he sets out to find what it represents, and why he is different from his entire race. On returning to his Pack, Malachi is keen to find his mate and take his title. Only, when he finally meets her, he discovers she is no ordinary girl. Being brought up in the Human town having no idea Shifters even exist, is only the beginning of her story. Malachi soon discovers there is more to his beautiful, strong willed, and independent mate than meets the eye. Something is very unique about her, and Malachi’s intrigue pushes him to discover what it is that makes her so extraordinary, all while treading carefully in order not to push her away. While on the journey of discovery, the sleepy Scafell Pack gets caught in a broil of unusual rogue attacks, a puzzling string of assaults from an unknown source, two mysterious untraceable wolves and the unwarranted attention of the Wolf council who show strange interest in both him, his mate, and his pack. Malachi’s quiet little life just got a whole lot louder. The only question is: Will he be ready for what’s to come? *** Updates Daily *** PTR 16th May*** Expected completion 30th May #DreameWritingMarathon-LoveStoryContest


  • Fantasy
  • fated
  • shifter
  • kickass heroine
  • powerful
  • brave
  • bxg
  • witty
  • pack
  • supernature earth
  • supernatural


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