The Dragon's Kiss


The Dragon's Kiss

Length: 16hrs 02mins 63 episodesCompleted
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When Ashley is kidnapped by an attractive, mysterious man, her simple life gets turned upside down. She wakes up in an entirely new world, and finds herself surrounded by magic, witches, dragons, and stunningly gorgeous men, all of whom seem to take a keen interest in her. The people there mistake her for an ancient Goddess with magical powers, but when they realize how ordinary she is, they assign her a different task: to seduce a cold-hearted, evil, and incredibly sexy Dragon Prince, and uncover the location of a sacred flower. Not only does she have to survive in a world unknown to her, her sleep is plagued with visions of people she has never known, and men she has never met. And to top it all, throw in two handsome men--one who treats her like his only hope, and the other who seems to want to devour her whole--fate, deceit, and a kiss from the embodiment of darkness himself. When her heart and mind are at war, which one will she listen to? A Tale of Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, and Deceit. - - - - Blurb: She was certain he was around, his strong presence radiating off of him like heat. Her senses were heightened because of the blindfold; nervousness cascaded through her body in waves, her skin over sensitive to touch. Her hands were still pinned down by her sides in thick chains, and by now, she had given up on struggling. But when his gentle fingers slithered up her arms, she squirmed again, her breath hitching. Azar chuckled at her reaction, his deep voice sending alarming signals to her mind. He was up to something. He had a motive behind his actions. But as long as he was not hurting her, she'd be okay. His feathery touch moved up her shoulders, tracing over her neck, before tickling down her bare back. She sucked in a breath, toes curling with agitation, heart knocking at her ribs. "How does it feel..." he trailed off into her ear, his lips brushing against it. "To be completely at my mercy? To be completely exposed to me, knowing I could do to you anything I wanted?" Ashley gulped, biting hard onto her lower lip. He moved away, and the next moment, his hand was gliding over her thigh. She squirmed again, his touch electrifying. She was unsure of what she really wanted; whether to get away from him, or get more of him. "Answer my question, Ashley," he commanded, his free hand taking a rough hold of her chin. She felt his warm breath on her lips, and her body tensed up in anticipation. It was almost shivering, but she had a feeling it was not out of fear anymore. She was embarrassed of the thought, of the feeling, but she had to admit it: she was not entirely hating her situation. She had spent years dreaming about a man with red eyes, and now when he was in front of her, she did not completely hate it. She was not entirely averse to being chained down to a couch, alone with him, in his private chambers, as his touch sent chills of pleasure through her body. - - - - I DO NOT OWN THE IMAGES USED IN THE COVER.


  • Fantasy
  • love-triangle
  • sex
  • fated
  • kickass heroine
  • weredragon
  • magical world
  • enimies to lovers
  • witchcraft
  • dragons
  • weak to strong


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