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Will a cold-hearted man learn to love? Can a sweet gentle woman break the cold exterior Asher built around him? "You want me," he huskily whispered to my ear, so close I could almost feel his lips sending a delicious shiver running down my spine. He clutched my hip with his right hand while his left hand held the bottle he took from the bartender. He swayed and pressed his body dangerously close to me, and oh my...I was no innocent to male erections but to personally and consciously feeling it now? Oh, it felt strangely good. What! I stood stiffly still, unable to move. I was still processing what was happening when I felt his hand moving slowly from my hip around and squeeze my butt. That was what awakened me from my state. I pushed him hard that he staggered back and hit his hip on the edge of the table behind him, but was quick enough to lean, avoiding a miserable fall. "Stop! You...you just touched me. Pervert!" I spoke haltingly, my heart was pounding erratically. I made a quick turn to find Jessa but before I could, I was pushed hard onto the wall. If I hadn't rested my hands on the wall, my face would have kissed it painfully. He clasped my hair gently and turned me, so he could incline my face and whisper. "Pervert? Do you know what would a pervert man do to a woman who plays innocent yet sexually promiscuous?" A groan escaped me when he licked that sweet spot behind my ear. The tingling sensations rushed down straight to my lower abdomen, and sadly it hit right to my core. "Hmm...I bet you are wet now, huh? Doll? or do you want me to find out?"


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