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"Have you ever looked at someone so beautiful and instantly been blinded by them? Like they are the sun and you have made the epic mistake of looking directly at it without shielding your eyes? That was what it was like when I first saw them but instead of just one sun, I was blinded by seven balls of glorious fire. Never in my life had I seen such a posse of perfect looking men. I mean every school had them right? The good looking ones? The gods that run the place and left everyone else in their shadows? The ones who would never look at a girl like me twice. Little did Faith know that those first few moments would change her life forever. When you are on the Sins radar there is no getting off it. They want her. and they plan to have her. Even if it means dragging her through Hell. Literally. "


  • Paranormal
  • kidnap
  • playboy
  • bxg


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