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"I am Cassandra, the princess of Filia, one girl among four brothers. I was born as a girl, raised as a girl but I am ready for the day I have to serve as a Knight. When Cassandra gets a chance to train in Academia for being a knight, No one is happier than her to fulfill her lifelong dream. Her life takes a tragic turn when she meets Prince Edward, who bullies her and abuses her to no extent. Keeping her identity hidden, she is the target of all and suffers due to being overweight. Will she be able to fulfill her Destiny or would she perish at the hands of the ruthless prince? The historical story is the first part of I am A GIRL series which would force you to think about the value of a woman, being a daughter, a friend, and a mother. "


  • revenge
  • kickass heroine
  • princess
  • warrior
  • royalty/noble
  • drama
  • medieval
  • abuse
  • Romance


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