Lunches in Laguna


Lunches in Laguna

Length: 01hrs 21mins 6 episodesCompleted
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Scott is intrigued by an art collection in a Laguna gallery, but it's the gallery manager, Michael, who gets his full attention! By his own admission, Scott Stevenson is a rough and ready kind of guy, but even he can appreciate art on occasion, especially when it comes in the form of Michael Taylor, the manager of a Laguna Beach art gallery. Invited to spend a lunch hour with Michael, Scott doesn't hesitate to let his new friend know he considers him a perfect work of art. The attraction is mutual, and the two men start seeing each other regularly for 'lunch'. But when Michael fails to show up at the gallery one day, Scott discovers that his perfect man may have an imperfect past, and if Scott wants lunch to progress to dinner, he'd better ensure that those who are threatening Michael aren't around for dessert!


  • LGBT+
  • bxb
  • jealous


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