All Play and No Work: Cattle Valley, Book 1


All Play and No Work: Cattle Valley, Book 1

Length: 02hrs 44mins 14 episodesCompleted
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When a three man partnership becomes too much for their small Texas town, Ryan Blackfeather knows it's time to head for greener pastures. With a new job awaiting him in Cattle Valley, Wyoming, he convinces his men, Nate and Rio to make the move. A community built on tolerance, Cattle Valley's one of the few places in the country where the residents won't bat an eyelash at the threesomes relationship. Nate, Rio and Ryan fit right in. However, with Ryan busy in his new job as town Sheriff, Rio and Nate are left to wonder how they're supposed to make a living. What use are a highly trained mercenary and a private detective in a peaceful community the size of Cattle Valley?


  • LGBT+
  • love-triangle
  • bxb
  • cowboy
  • small town


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