The Lucky Cat (Treasure Trove Antiques Book 1)


The Lucky Cat (Treasure Trove Antiques Book 1)

Length: 06hrs 16mins 19 episodesCompleted
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Antiques and ammunition do not mix well. The antique trade is not known for its life or death excitement, and Landry Carran is happy that he has to contend only with furniture polish, woodworm and his irascible boss. He gets all the thrills he needs at his favorite BDSM club, Scorch. Detective Gage Roskam is hunting stolen jewels taken from a Tokyo exhibition then shipped to Seattle. Mired in a deadly race involving the Yakuza, an enigmatic Englishman and too many indecipherable clues, he doesn't have time to indulge in Dominant fantasies. When their worlds collide, neither Landry nor Gage expects things to get quite as complicated—or dangerous—as they do. When Landry steps into the path of some powerful, ruthless people, it's up to Gage to protect him. Along the way they might just discover what they both need.


  • LGBT+
  • murder
  • twisted
  • bxb
  • detective


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