Mine To Love


Mine To Love

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After the divorce of a successful businessman, Sebastian Ford finds an interest in his secretary who he always considered as a friend but later fell unconditionally in love with her. He fell in love with her beauty, kindness and her care towards him, she was always there when he needs him no matter what the time is. So after, his divorce they dated and get married. Scarlett Brookes had been working with Sebastian for five years and always had a crush on him so when he gets divorced he showed his interest, they dated and fell in love then get married and were living a happy life until one day the cops showed up at their door and informed them about Sebastian's ex-wife murder and claims Sebastian to be the one to murder her. Can Scarlett find out the real murderer and save Sebastian? ______________________________________________________________________________________ "Mr. Ford please don't ....we can't do this you're....married" I spoke between moans as Sebastian was sucking on my neck. "You're wrong sweetheart, I was married so now I am free to love and claim you, I am free to make you mine" he whispered in my ear huskily while his fingers were unbuttoning my blouse. "You can't," I said. "I can and I will do you know why because you are only mine to love" he said and ripped my blouse along with the b*a.


  • murder
  • stalker
  • pregnant
  • goodgirl
  • CEO
  • drama
  • bxg
  • Romance


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