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This man, this mesmerizing dark angel, spells nothing but power and seduction, and all I can do is stare hopelessly, knowing that my time is about up in this hell of a dream. The dark angel surprises by spreading his wings and flying off the island. He hovers right above me. I stare in awe. “Wh-who are you?” I stammer, but he doesn’t answer. He flies so close that I smell hints of cedar and spices and his calming breath. The pupils in his eyes dilate several times before he inhales my scent. “Brea,” he whispers my name ever so sweetly. “You know who I am?” I gasp in shock. “Of course, I do.” When he speaks, his voice sounds so deep, it sends shivers through my body and right to my soul. “Then, who are you?” I ask while watching his wings spread around me. “It’s time, Brea.” ******* Tormented by her past and present, Brea has strange reoccurring nightmares. The world around her appears to be more than it seems. With her struggle to decipher what is real and what isn't, she takes matters into her own hands to discover the truth. Eventually, Brea's curiosity leads her directly into the path of the notorious billionaire Aiden Hemmingway. She also discovers everyone that she knows is not who they really seem to be - Including herself. Brea's challenge - if she doesn't learn to cope with her emotions, the entire world will cease to exist.


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • love-triangle
  • fated
  • mate
  • arrogant
  • non-hunman lead
  • weak to strong


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