Forgotten Passion


Forgotten Passion

Length: 07hrs 43mins 45 episodesCompleted
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Lara and Blake had parted for seven years but Lara was still officially married to Blake. But now she wanted to get married again and break all ties with him legally. At the Lawyers office Kate, Blake's mother insisted her to come back to Milan and see him again as he had lost his memory in a car crash and was asking for her. For his mother's sake Lara decides to go and visit him in Milan. Her hatred for him had never changed. Neither her attraction... I had taken off my wedding ring and thrown at him while Blake stood there in bitter silence. I had fled to our apartment, believing that Blake saw as his father did now and he regretted our marriage. During the long night I had been having contradictory reactions, swinging between love, hatred and jealousy and need. As the morning light seeped in, I went back to the villa to win my husband back again,whatever that costs. The image of what I had found haunts me till this day. Blake his face flushed in sleep his lids closed as he lay entangled with Jeena and the girl smiling tauntingly as she looked across the room at me. It broke my heart into pieces the pain that scourged inside me was unbearable. It had been a k***e sliding into my heart and I feel it even now whenever I think about it. She was not ready to forgive him for his infidelity but one glance at him and the way he touched her lovingly made her forget the pain he had caused her. Will Lara be able forgive him and take her revenge on Jeena, who had ruined her marriage and reconcile with him? What will happen when Blake finds out about the little secret she had hidden away from him?


  • love-triangle
  • second chance
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • humorous
  • Romance


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