My Sapphire-Eyed Luna


My Sapphire-Eyed Luna

Length: 14hrs 39mins 60 episodesCompleted
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“Raven, run sweetheart, you need to run.” Those sickening words, she’s heard them before, they haunt her dreams. The memories of her Mother’s eyes stained with black as they fix on her, a single tear shining in the moonlight. Raven runs for her life. Raven was orphaned when the rogues attacked the pack lands some 6 years ago, leaving her with nothing. Little does she know, the ancient prophecy is about her, she is the future of the Supernatural world. She is the key. But she’s always felt weak and vulnerable. Strengths and prophecies revealed once the moon reaches its peak, giving her a glimpse into a past & future she never wanted to face. Soon she’ll discover that she is the strength behind everything. Her fated mate, will be the key to unlocking all her potential and his. The Gods know more than they say. Soon she’s thrust into a war she never wanted, thrust into a title she never expected. So many secrets. All will be revealed but can she stop the upcoming war? Can she keep everyone safe? Can she trust in herself? Only time will tell. Note from Author: Please check out my F.B page for updates: Author: Louise Austin I am currently working on the sequel and Jaspers story: My Sapphire Queen The Vampire King & The Lone Wolf & His Surprise


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • fated
  • kickass heroine
  • powerful
  • independent
  • queen
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • supernature earth
  • weak to strong


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