Alpha Dominic


Alpha Dominic

Length: 33hrs 21mins 161 episodesCompleted
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19 years old Bethany Delaney was forced to flee the pack in the middle of the night. The blue crescent pack was attacked by the blood moon pack and her family was murdered in cold blood by the Ruthless and fearless Alpha Dominic, who had no respect for the laws. She found out that he had a thing for female slaves so she snuck herself into his packhose as a slave but her real mission is to kill Alpha Dominic and get revenge for the death of her family. Alpha Dominic Rayleigh is a Ruthless and fearless Alpha and he is known and feared by all because he is both strong and powerful. He hates the moon goddess for making too much laws for the werewolves and he swore to kill any girl that the moon goddess gives him as a mate. What happens when she finds out that she is his mate that he has sworn to kill?  


  • Paranormal
  • possessive
  • drama
  • bxg
  • werewolves


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