Alpha's Bullied Fox


Alpha's Bullied Fox

Length: 10hrs 58mins 36 episodesCompleted
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Darcy Rhodes has never known a day without being bullied or abused. She lives with her Aunt Jean and Uncle Dieter and their two children Miles and Brandy. Uncle Dieter is the Gamma of Star Valley Pack. Darcy was told her parents died soon after she was born. Everyday Darcy is expected to clean the house and cook all meals all while enduring their constant abuse. The abuse doesn't stop at school where Darcy's own cousin's join in on the bullying. When she turns 16 Darcy finds out that she is not a wolf and something else but she doesn't reveal it to others. She also discovers she has power over the elements. Everyone else assumes she is wolf-less so the bullying intensifies. When she turns 18 Darcy discovers one of her main bullies the future Alpha, Felix Mason is her mate. With disgust, Felix promptly rejects Darcy and mates with Darcy's cousin Brandy. Darcy is heartbroken but doesn't let it break her. The animal within tells her to bide her time for she will triumph over her abusers. Nathaniel Brody is the future Alpha of Whispering Pines Pack. At age twenty he is still searching for his mate. He wants the kind of love that his parents have. His two best friends already have their mates. Depressed Nathaniel drinks and parties to drown his loneliness. One day Nathaniel travels with his father to another pack to forge an alliance. While there Nathaniel finally detects his long lost mate. He is horrified when he sees the condition she is in and rescues her. Once home in Whispering Pines Nathaniel and Darcy begin to unravel the truth of her identity and where she came from. Will their love grow or will Darcy's newfound identity tear them apart? ***Sequel to Their Simple Kind of Love***


  • Paranormal
  • royalty/noble
  • luna
  • drama
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • abuse
  • lonely
  • tortured
  • shy


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