An Interview with Mr. Ex


An Interview with Mr. Ex

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"You are merciless." He said, his voice granite. "You thrive in making me..." "Not as much as you." She said as she pushed her hands inside his hair and pulled. A little, but it still stung. "Do not provoke me, Jade." His voice held a hint of warning, but oh, who was he kidding? She was only going to take it as a challenge and she would prove that she would win. "Sometimes... when you want to do something illicit, like wanting someone who is not yours, a little punishment is good for the soul. If it is all pleasure, oh, it will tempt you to sin again and again, and that is not good for anyone." *** "One long overdue conversation with one sexy as hell Ex-husband!" Jade and Jared had once been in love, the kind of crazy, stupid love that made them both burn hotter, shine brighter. He taught her how to become her own woman, she taught him how to open his heart. He gave her power, she offered him innocence. A misunderstanding, a betrayal, a lie and their love was shattered. Stupid and young, Jared broke the special kind of love. Jade walked away from him, heartbroken, falsely accused, miserable and pregnant. Four years later... fate is offering them a second chance, in the form of an interview. Jade has to interview Jared Wilson. Billionaire CEO, handsome devil, the forbidden fruit made out of desire and lust. It is her job. She has done it a million times. Jared is being interviewed by Jade Thompson. Cheater, bad wife, temptation from hell, Satan's little seductress. It is just an interview. He has done it a million times. But it is not easy for both of them, because it is not just another interview. Jared wants to fight for her. He wants to woo her away from her husband. Jade is not ready to go down that rabbit hole once again. Once bitten, twice think about it! Their already fragile love, will it break again? Or this time, will it become strong and survive their ego and stubbornness? Can this interview be the answer to Jade's prayers? Or will it become her way back to heartbreak town? Can Jared finally get what he wants? A happy life with her? ___ #dreame writing Marathon - love story contest


  • billionaire
  • second chance
  • arrogant
  • independent
  • CEO
  • single mother
  • drama
  • first love
  • sassy
  • passionate
  • Romance


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