His Ruthless Assistant (completed )


His Ruthless Assistant (completed )

Length: 04hrs 20mins 27 episodesCompleted
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Ava Benson wanted to be independent and make her own way without her father's name influencing her. But the last thing she expected was to work for an egotistical playboy who could not keep an assitant. Zachary Lockhart was one of the most successful bachelors in the city. He was a ladiesman and was not ashamed by it. He didn't trust women so he just used them for his pleasure. But he got his match in his assistant who did not tolerate his nonsense and was not afraid to show it. Although they were both attracted to each other there was no way in hell they would act on it. But one night was a game changer for them.


  • billionaire
  • kickass heroine
  • independent
  • CEO
  • billionairess
  • bxg
  • humorous
  • city
  • cheating
  • Romance


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