My Mate, The Greek God.


My Mate, The Greek God.

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I turn my head around to find Adonis still in his spot and playing with something like a bunch of keys in his hand. He's still staring at me, a sullen look on his face that isn't new to me anymore. Or have I just been misinterpreting his unreadable expression? Most of the time, he looks like a bull to me. By the way, I'm confused. I don't know what makes him stare at me so much. Is the mate pull working on him now after all the denial? Idiot. I should teach him a lesson. I turn my head to Cody, wearing what I hope will look like a sweet smile on my face, "Do you mind. . . dancing with me?" "Of course!" I feel him holding my waist and pulling me to himself instantly. His eyes are a darker shade of brown, they're beautiful but not attractive to me. We dance slowly to the gentle tune of the music until my legs begin to feel like crackers. I've sneaked a couple of looks at the spot where Adonis was seated a while ago, but he doesn't return, the spot is still empty. I didn't notice which direction he went to, it seems like he already left. All my showoff for nothing. I excuse myself from Cody Landon and I don't know why I suddenly feel like the party doesn't excite me anymore. I walk through spaces between bodies of dancing betas and omegas, my eyes searching for Sandra. I see her faraway busy with Lucas near the backdoor so I decided to return to my room alone. At least I was able to have fun and danced to my fullest. My body feels sore all over. That's my life for you. It's hard to do ordinary daily activities so things like parties that may appear normal for other werwolves can drain me so quickly. Walking out the hall to the clinic block, I'm forcefully stopped by a tight grip around my wrist, his strong intoxicating smell embracing me even before I turn my head. Under the civil twilight, Adonis watch me with eyes glowing dark green with specks of grey. He twist me around and put a firm hold on both my wrists, and I begin to pant with my back against him. My heartbeat is accelerating. His hands slowly pack away my hair to one side of my shoulder. I feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he brings his mouth to my ear. "Mine." He growls so deeply, making the hair on my neck to stand still in reaction. His touch is electrifying. But I don't allow myself to get swayed by his change of attitude. Instead, I'm suspicious, why is he finally acknowledging me as his Mate? Is it because he couldn't help but feel jealous that his Mate danced in the arms of another man-wolf? >>>>> A budding relationship between an ordinary werewolf and a Lycan.


  • alpha
  • mate
  • badboy
  • luna
  • tragedy
  • bxg
  • pack
  • rejected
  • Romance


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