The Alpha's Cursed Mate


The Alpha's Cursed Mate

Length: 15hrs 40mins 107 episodesCompleted
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Moon locked: A rare condition in which a powerful wolf can’t shift unless they find their key. Commonly referred to as a curse. Enter Kelly Mason, a moon locked wolf, mated to the son of her parent’s murderer. Blissfully unaware that she has the power to bring packs to their knees locked inside of her, she searches for the remnants of her family in hopes of gaining some answers in her quest to feel normal. Little does she know that her quest will bring unwanted attention to her condition, making rival alphas jealous of the power she possesses and eager to claim her as their own. Tate Robinson, alpha of the Nightstalkers, knows his mate isn’t normal when she completes a partial shift that should have killed her. When another alpha’s bloody revenge turns into a hunt for Tate’s mate, Tate does everything in his power to try and keep her safe, only to find out his sweet, stubborn mate isn't as sweet as he thought as she tears down anyone that stands in her way of what she wants: a norm.


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • mate
  • dominant
  • kickass heroine
  • luna
  • drama
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • supernatural


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