An Omega's Confused Heart


An Omega's Confused Heart

Length: 10hrs 44mins 56 episodesCompleted
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WARNING! This is an LGBT+ coming of age story. There will not be any scenes of a s****l nature but there will be descriptions of kissing and internal feelings. Skylar is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Omega parents, her mother is a well-respected nurse, her father died after an attack on the pack years ago. Skylar would not be sixteen for six months, so is yet to get her wolf, but with two Omega parents everyone already knew that she would be another Omega so she was already treated like one. She has to work in the pack kitchens each morning before school where she is treated as the lowest of the low due to her status. Every morning she goes to the pack house with her mother and cooks breakfast with the other Omega’s, serving the pack whilst her mother works in the clinic. She then has to catch the school bus to their local high school, one of the few older werewolves who had to do this as most of the pack teenagers had their own cars or were friends with one of the stronger teens who had one and caught a lift. A chance encounter with the future Alpha suddenly turns the she-wolf’s life upside down, enemies appear around her, threatened by her new found status, as well as confusion and desire toward someone she never expected. Trying to battle High school is hard enough, but it becomes one hundred times worse when you are thrust into a spotlight you never wanted to stand under.


  • LGBT+
  • fated
  • shifter
  • kickass heroine
  • independent
  • omega
  • comedy
  • gxg
  • highschool
  • pack
  • coming of age


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