Broken Desires (Silverbrook University Book 3)


Broken Desires (Silverbrook University Book 3)

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Vanessa I am the embodiment of chaos—a free spirit recently liberated from the weight of an overbearing family. Spontaneity is my mantra; I revel in the unpredictable whirlwind of life. Then there’s Liam—Mr. Order himself. His life is meticulously planned and ruled by discipline, making him the epitome of structure and control. Yet beneath his composed exterior lies Silverbrook's most enigmatic figure, a man whose actions defy the very rules he lives by. In his most daring act, he captures the one thing I never expected to surrender—my heart. Liam I have spent my years in Silverbrook avoiding any entanglements, never allowed to lose focus, always waiting for the moment when my freedom will be swept away along with my dreams of normalcy. I live by rules, order, and structures—things that prevent me from growing attached. That was until I met Vanessa, the goth princess who cursed me with just one look. In a world of rules, she became the ultimate rebel by stealing the one thing never meant to be hers—my heart. Join Vanessa and Liam for one last adventure in the final installment of the Silverbrook University series. Dive into a tale of passionate love and complex dilemmas, where the lines between right and wrong blur, and hearts risk everything in the name of love. It's a story of stolen moments, unexpected journeys, and the thrilling dance between chaos and order. Don't miss the epic conclusion where every heart finds its destiny.


  • opposites attract
  • second chance
  • Romance


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