Angel of Death's Game


Angel of Death's Game

Length: 06hrs 39mins 35 episodesCompleted
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Andrei was a student leader in their University and a member of their basketball team. Because of his handsome face, athletic body, and great sex appeal, a lot of girls admiring him. He is not a snob man, so every time there is a woman who approached him, he was willing to talk to them. His perfect life was a change when their basketball team traveled to another university to have a friendly game. The bus that they used to travel got an accident. Some of his teammates have died, and some were critically injured and Andrei was one of them. They immediately ran to the nearest hospital and Andrei was in a coma. Because of the incident, the soul of Andrei splits to his body and someone took it. "Where are we going?" he asked. "We are going to Thantanus, land of death!" "What are we going to do there?" he asked more. "You will be a player to fight for your life!" What would be the destiny of Andrei in Thantanus?


  • Fantasy
  • time-travel
  • brave
  • sporty
  • student
  • no-couple
  • brilliant
  • multiverse
  • supernatural
  • special ability


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