Aurora The Alpha's healer


Aurora The Alpha's healer

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Aurora is the member of the healers. Even though they were really important in the pack, they never got respect. They were born to heal, save lives, engender successors paired like animals, then die. The reason for the disrespect was they were small, weak, and they had no wolf. Aurora knows she is different, but she never dares to reveal that to anyone. She is not just born with a gift, which is an incredible healing power, but she also got Shiloh, her wolf. The pack’s Alpha is a well respected, strong, dominant, but kind-hearted, and good looking werewolf, Caleb Ainswrorth. One day they are hinting for rogues around the territory. During the hunting he gets attacked by them. The attack should cost his life, but in the hospital Aurora saves the Alpha. They both feel the sparkle between them, but they both know they have no future together. Alpha Caleb, after the healing procedure, realizes that his wolf, Noah, disappeared from his mind. Caleb’s Beta, Jason, who is also a childhood friend of him, doesn’t trust the healer at all, and what makes the situation worse, after leaving the hospital, the Alpha can’t forget the beautiful female, and he brings Aurora to his castle to make her his lover, even if he has an arranged future Luna. The Beta, after doing some researches, believes that Aurora is a witch who stole Caleb’s wolf spirit, put a spell on him, makes the Alpha think they are fated mates, and gets the Luna position of the pack. He swore he was going to get rid of her and save Caleb and the pack. She swore he was going to reveal Aurora’s true identity, and he wants to make sure she’ll be killed publicly. Who is right? Could it be that she is indeed a witch, but she doesn’t know that either? Or maybe her origin is something unknown? How will the arranged future Luna take the news that her Alpha has a love, who wants to take her promised position? As a strong female Alpha blood, will she give up that easy? Let’s find out.


  • alpha
  • fated
  • dominant
  • drama
  • bxg
  • pack
  • secrets
  • crime
  • love at the first sight
  • shy
  • Romance


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