Prince Xander


Prince Xander

Length: 05hrs 26mins 30 episodesOngoing
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Heather was found around the packs borders when she was just eight years old. She was found with nothing but a nametag on her wrist that indicates that her name is Heather Snow. She was treated like an outcast because no one knows her background and family history. On her sixteenth birthday, a ceremony was held in the pack for everyone in her age bracket. It was supposed to be the night when they all shift for the first time and have their first run in the woods with the rest of the pack. This particular ceremony was even more important because the future Alpha of the Demon wolf pack was supposed to shift on that very night, so everyone important was present that night, including the Alpha and other elites and high ranked wolves. Unfortunately, Heather could not shift that night. While everyone shifted and had a fun night, she was made to sleep in the stables as punishment for being a wolfless omega. They thought she is a weak omega because she couldn’t shift, they have no idea that she shifted on her fourteenth birthday, which is two years before her peers. She had to keep it a secret because shifting so early was considered a taboo, besides, her wolf is quite different from the rest, it has a snow white fur, just like the rogues. What happens when Heather finds out that she is mated to the Alpha of the Demon wolf pack, the same Alpha that bullies and Demeans her every day. Will she forgive him and accept the bond? Will he get rid of his chosen mate, Mira, and accept the bond with his true mate Heather? Find out what happens when the Lycan prince Xander shows up mysteriously and finds his mate being bullied and abused by an ordinary Alpha.


  • shifter
  • mystery
  • Romance


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