The Alpha secret pup


The Alpha secret pup

Length: 31hrs 45mins 281 episodesCompleted
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“I really did appreciate that night, especially with the stranger who had helped take off a part of loneliness and regrets in me. But how was I to know that the same man I had slept with that night was the same man who was gonna hunt down my pack? What is going to do to me?” Those were Emma thought as she’s been dragged out with other slave. Yes they would all become a slave to them now, “It’s you?” This man walks towards me and his height the type I never for once realize the night before. “Don’t go near my mate!” Alpha Leo voice roared at the hall way then she wonder could it be me he’s referring to? Or his mistress? “This one is mine not yours!” Those words felt like echo in my ears


  • Paranormal
  • pregnant
  • bold
  • werewolves
  • city


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