Chained To Him


Chained To Him

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“Well, are you coming or not?” I bit my lip nervously, silently debating what to do. Taking his hand could mean I end up dead in a ditch somewhere or I end up having the night of my life. Not taking it means I stay here, wallowing in self-pity and going home alone, sad and depressed like usual. Take a risk for once Scarlet, the little voice in my head said. Downing the rest of my drink, I took his hand and grabbed my purse. “Where are we going?”He smirked, the ends of his lips curling up slightly. Leaning down he tucked my hair behind my ear, his hot breath fanning against my cheek. “Where's the mystery in knowing?” _________ Scarlet Reynolds is trapped in a toxic relationship with her boyfriend Noah Parker Her life takes a turn though when criminal, Caleb Jackson, comes crashing into her life. A man with a dark past and a ton of secrets. Scarlet can't help but get sucked into this new dangerous world. With her abusive boyfriend Noah not willing to let her go and her feelings for Caleb growing deeper and deeper, how will Scarlet battle off the demons in her past whilst trying to understand her new found feelings Caleb? *** Order of series: 1. Chained To Him 2. Chained To The Mafia - Contains mature contents.


  • revenge
  • possessive
  • forced
  • pregnant
  • badboy
  • drama
  • bxg
  • Romance


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