Rise of the Hybrid Princess


Rise of the Hybrid Princess

Length: 09hrs 31mins 66 episodesCompleted
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Aura was left alone in the darkness of the strange alley, hiding from the group of men who tried to attack her. Her body was weak and bruised by the creeps who tried to molest her. As she heard them coming closer, she hardly breathed and cursed her fate. This all happened because of her mom, Esther... If her mom was like a normal one and took care of her as every other mother does, she can only wish. Her mom was very selfish enough to send her daughter to work in a bar for easy money. But Aura was different from her Mom, she loved her mom and was selfless in taking care of her drunkard mom. She was used to the threats when she was at the bar, from strangers who wanted to have a taste of her. Even though she was almost eighteen, she was a beauty with blessed curvaceous assets, which has caused more trouble for her. She prayed for them to get away from her soon as they could not find her hiding place. She is not a coward, she can fight but she knows if she faces them alone now, with the manly strength they have, she will be taken down soon... Aura heard their footsteps going afar from her, and she came out without making a noise. But right then, a strong arm came from behind and in no time others appeared too. It was like they were toying with her like a cat playing with a rat. Aura struggled with the man, before she could move out of his grip, others came lurking at her. The largest among them came forward, "Hey sweet cheeks, you thought we were that stupid??" He grinned. Aura hates this kind of man, who thinks women are so weak. In a quick move her knee landed exactly on his treasure and he fell back in pain. But she was rewarded with a slap from the guy next to her. Before she could make a move, two men kept her captive from both sides. The man in front was about to hit her again, she closed her eyes ready to take the pain. But it never came, but all she heard was a loud thud. When she opened her eyes, she saw the guy who was about to hit her fell on his back. And there was a mysteriously handsome guy in front of her, protecting her. She could read the terror in those creeps faces. Before they could get away, her saviour beat them at an inhuman speed... Aura watched him with wide eyes... And when they ran away he came close to her… That is when she noticed his eyes were glowing ... And he came closer to her and she froze there in shock… He leaned into her neck and took a whiff of her scent , then closed his eyes as if he was trying to control himself... Then her eyes were hooked with his thin lips and the two silver fangs coming out of it… What the….!! A vampire !!


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • possessive
  • dominant
  • kickass heroine
  • princess
  • werewolves
  • stubborn


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