My Mate, My enemy


My Mate, My enemy

Length: 08hrs 54mins 39 episodesOngoing
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Alpha Raygan is a 200-year-old pure-blooded Alpha, a renowned war general that considers herself mate-less. She is the Heir to The Wintering Moon Pack if she can find her Goddess Gifted Mate before her younger brother who's just 26 and is now of the right age to take over, her own father has set a law that states one must not only find their Goddess Gifted Mate but be Marked and Mated before taking the seat as Alpha. She's had enough, is Mate-less as far as she's concerned, spends six months dancing and drinking inside a Gypsy pack in Germany after a disagreement with her father. Where Raygan meets a Handsome Alpha that is un-mated, wanting to have a lust fuelled few days of amazing sex they both agree to a naughty weekend of no names and no pack talk. After several days of the best sex she’s ever had Raygan gets called back to her pack with the threat of war coming and leaves her Handsome in the bed of his hotel room to go defend her pack. War with the Cold Moon has come, they've been enemies for 50 years, since they killed her mother and tried to take over Wintering Moon. A truce had been called after she put an end to that war, one she negotiated herself. But no longer do either pack's mingle anymore, where once they had been more than close now were enemies to each other. Raygan takes a prisoner to call an end to the war she returned home to, one of the Heirs to Cold Moon. To get answers as to why it started and why the Cold Moons Alpha, Steffan, believes they have stolen his daughter; a girl none within her pack know of. She is to meet the future heir to come to an agreement of cease fire until they can figure out what is going on, why Alpha Steffen believes they took his daughter, only to find out he is the Handsome Alpha from Germany. She had been sleeping with the enemy and didn't even know it. The best sex of her life and with the enemies Heir. The full moon sets during the meeting and they both scent each other out. Finally after 200 years she is granted her Goddess Gifted Mate and he turns out to be her Enemy. Can she accept the enemy as her Mate, can they come together and sort out the war and can she keep her secret from her own pack. That Alpha Karsyn of Cold Moon is her Goddess Gifted Mate, something which she needs; to claim the Alpha seat to her pack. Something she knows her younger brother Zac is now out to get for himself, for upon her return home she found him all loved up with a she-wolf, Dee. Who Zac claims is his Goddess Gifted mate. Who will get the title of Alpha to her pack, if she doesn’t tell her father Alpha Grant the truth about Alpha Karsyn, their enemy, being her Goddess Gifted Mate, she will lose her rightful place as the next Alpha to the Wintering Moon Pack. What will she do?


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • HE
  • fated
  • kicking
  • witty
  • werewolves
  • pack


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