Royal Academy: The Red Wolf Clan


Royal Academy: The Red Wolf Clan

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Rosalie Royal grew up anything but pampered. Her parents told her the stories of how they traveled the world putting their pack together. Rosalie remembers that one particular story her father told her before bed; about the Royal lineage and the Red wolf bloodline that was once thought lost. "Am I a red wolf too daddy?" Rosalie once asked and Reed Royal chuckled as he swiped a finger across his daughter's nose. Her twin orbs stared back at him in anticipation as his hand pats down the curls falling around her beautiful face. "We'll have to wait and see sweetheart" Reed says softly and his chest tightens a bit when her smile falls and her eyes gaze down at her clasped hands. Reed leans down and brushes a quick kiss on her forehead as the door to the bedroom creaks open and Seraphina peeps her head in around the door. "Why the long face Rosa?" Seraphina glances to Reed who shakes his head solemnly. "Daddy said I have to wait to see if I'm a Red wolf. But I'm tired of waiting!" Seraphina smiles when Reed raises both hands up in surrender as she walks around the bed to sit beside her impatient daughter who was now frowning at her bedroom ceiling. "Rosalie Helena Royal, your name alone should tell you that you are destined for great things! You have the blood of a fierce wolf line and a kickass fae warrior running through your veins!" Seraphina clasps a hand over her mouth when Rosalie's eyes widen at her choice of words. "Swear jar!" Reed and Rosalie say at the same time and Seraphina couldn't help the laughter that escapes her when they both look to each other and yell ' Jinx! ' at the same time. "Okay okay enough chit chat, it's bedtime young lady. Tomorrow is a big day" Seraphina pulls the covers up to Rosalie's chest and tuck her in as Reed smiles to her before bending down to whisper some into their daughter's ear. Rosalie's eyes widen and then shut immediately, a smile lingering on her lips. Reed leads Seraphina out the room before gently closing the door behind them. "What did you tell her?" Seraphina asks and Reed tries to avoid her gaze but she reaches up both hands to hold his face directly infront of hers. "Spill it mister!" Reed's arm snakes around her waist, pulling her body flush against his and Seraphina could feel her heart rate pick up a notch or two and Reed's breath fans her cheek. "I told her if she went to sleep, maybe that baby brother she always wanted might come in the mail for her party tomorrow" Goosebumps feather across Seraphina's skin as Reed presses his lips to her sensitive spot at the base of her neck. Seraphina gasps out loud and uses the remainder of her restraint to push him away from her. "Do not make promises you cannot keep Reed!" "She went to sleep didn't she?" "Reed Royal you are incorrigible! I am not your personal incubator bargaining chip!" Seraphina turns to walk to their room when Reed grabs her around the waist from behind and pulls her into his embrace. "Why don't we start working on it then? Practice makes perfect!" Seraphina squeals as Reed scoops her up in his arms and rushes down the hall towards their bedroom, neither seeing little Rosalie watching them from her bedroom door. As Rosalie snuggles back into her bed and settles in, she stares up at the stars constellation drawings carved into her ceiling and smiles brightly. "Goodnight Orion"


  • Paranormal
  • kickass heroine
  • warrior
  • bxg
  • humorous
  • lighthearted
  • bold
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • enimies to lovers
  • supernatural


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