Three Nights With The Lycan Prince


Three Nights With The Lycan Prince

Length: 18hrs 17mins 143 episodesCompleted
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Prince Logan Odell, A Lycan. Born by a woman who was discarded by her pack and enslaved by the Alpha of Mystic Shadows Fortress, where she had him. He was born into a life of torture and slavery despite his royal identity. As a result of this, he grew up hard and cold-hearted. He vowed never to be weak like his mother. He deprived himself of a chance to feel loved or ever love anyone until he met a green-eyed girl who became his undoing.   Jovy Finlay is a beautiful latent wolf. She was maltreated, neglected, and hated on by her family because of what they considered to be a deficiency: Being a latent wolf. Pains were evident in her existence.   Deciding to have fun a little after heeding the advice of her best friend, Jovy attended a free access frat party, and from there she went on a three-day sex spree with a total stranger. He made her feel different. She fell in love with him.   Unfortunately, Jovy’s life abruptly ended when the whole pack decided to marry her off as a gift to a ruthless alpha to gain his favor.   What happens when Logan fights between his refusal and acceptance of love? What will be Jovy’s next move after discovering she has fallen in love with the most feared Lycan in their world?


  • Paranormal
  • prince
  • mystery
  • werewolves
  • pack


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