Driven By Instinct


Driven By Instinct

Length: 13hrs 49mins 78 episodesCompleted
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"COMPLETED | EXPLICIT CHAPTERS HAVE WARNINGS - He moved like a serpent. In one fluid, short motion, he grabbed her wrists and shoved her back down, pinning her hands as far above her head as they would reach... "I'll kill everyone in this house if you make so much as a sound." ------ Mages control the court, and magic is the law. The appearance of a rogue mage running rampant in the countryside outside the Capital's jurisdiction rankles the nerves of those in power. The rogue is using their power for mundane things with no authorization, and their alignment and motives are unclear. The mages of the court are furious: using magic to assist the undeserving cheapens its prestige. One way or another, someone needs to handle the problem. Constantine is contracted to capture this mage alive and bring them to the Capital. As an elite assassin, keeping his quarry alive is not one of his specialties, but there is no one else for the job: not only is he a Resistant, an anti-mage, someone whose mere presence can suppress magic - he also possesses the ability to track mages in much the way a bloodhound tracks its prey. Constantine has been paid an immense fortune to bring in the mark and ask no questions. Unfettered by matters of conscience, Constantine has agreed; now all he has to do is drag the rogue mage and deliver them to his employer. But she is nothing like he imagined, and he may yet learn that though he is immune to magic, she may capture him with a different kind of spell altogether."


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • kidnap
  • forced
  • arrogant
  • manipulative
  • powerful
  • drama
  • bxg
  • enimies to lovers


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