Loveless Marriage - My Second Wife Has A Baby


Loveless Marriage - My Second Wife Has A Baby

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Ithal: I have always been in love with Aadhan. However, when I found out that he doesn’t feel the same for me and married another woman he loves, I had no choice but to move on. I agreed to marry the guy my parents chose for me but life, as unpredictable as it can be, throws me back into Aadhan’s life. I’d given up hopes of a happily ever after when I was asked to marry Aadhi who is still haunted by the memories of his first wife but I’m tired of being ignored by men and this time I am determined to take what is mine, even if I know his heart would never be mine. Aadhan: I only saw her as a giddy, infatuated girl however, when my life turns upside down, I have no choice left but to marry her. Yes, maybe I desire her physically but she’s not what my heart really craves. She’s just a replacement. An obligation. Where I am prideful and aloof, she’s humble and kindhearted. Where I am temperamental and moody, she’s patient and mature. Where I am a heartless bastard, she’s forgiving. But how long will she hold on to this relationship that I see as nothing more than a liability and burden?


  • billionaire
  • HE
  • submissive
  • kickass heroine
  • stepfather
  • drama
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • bold
  • loser
  • Romance


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