A Tinder Date With The Alpha


A Tinder Date With The Alpha

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All the seats in the restaurant are empty except for one which is occupied by someone. A man, his back to me. My heart pounds hard against my chest as I walk towards him. I stop when I notice that he doesn’t turn to the sound of my stilettos against the floor and I’m about to turn and go back when he finally stands up. “Olivia from Tinder?” He asks walking towards me, his gigantic figure taking me by surprise. I nod, unable to say a word. His face is just as it is on his profile, maybe even better but his body? Not quite what I imagined. “I thought you stood me up,” he says, extending his arm. I force a smile, and hold my purse to my stomach with both hands to avoid shaking his, “I wouldn’t do that. This place is pretty empty for a renowned restaurant.” “Of course,” he says, his voice deep, “I asked the manager if it could just be you and I here for a few hours, that’s why there aren’t any other people.” He pulls his hand back, folding it into a fist as he walks to the nearest table and I follow behind him. I’m nervous and thinking maybe today is the day something bad happens to me, maybe it’s the day I experience something horrific enough and equivalent to one of those Tinder experience stories that Isabella is always watching on YouTube and talking about. Dillon sniffs the air, the act making my attention shift away from my thoughts and to him as I sit down opposite him. “Do you smell that?” He asks, smirking as I sniff the air, mimicking him. “I don’t smell anything,” I say, shaking my head. He frowns and then clears his throat, “It’s your perfume, I guess. You smell nice.” “Thank you, you smell nice too…and different.” “What do you mean different?” He asks as a waiter approaches with a tray, “Do you go on such dates often?” “I do but this is my last one, do you?” I ask. “I’ve been on a few dates and today definitely isn’t my last,” he says, staring at me. I chuckle uncomfortably, bobbing my head forward so that my hair falls onto my face to cover the scar on my right cheek. He doesn’t look away, his eyes linger on my cheek and I feel like sinking into the ground. “I was in an abusive relationship,” I say, feeling the need to explain the scar. “You don’t look like your pictures,” he says, “you look better in the pictures.” I sigh, summoning everything within me to help me hold myself together. This will turn out like most of the other dates I’ve been on even though I came here with the hope that I’ll experience something different. I’m somewhat attracted to him but I doubt I’ll feel the same by the time I walk out of this place. The waiter bows after making many trips to and from the kitchen, signaling that he’s done serving and Dillon gets his cutlery almost immediately and begins to cut through his meat. I follow and grab my own cutlery, starting to eat the food I didn’t even order. He doesn’t say a word as he eats. I’m twisting my fork on a small heap of pasta when light flashes across my face making me stop. “Did you just take a picture of me?” I ask, angry and he nods. “Of course.” Several thoughts run through my head, who is this mannerless man, why did he bring a camera to a date and why did he just take a picture of me? I instantly regret swiping right and even agreeing to come on a date with him. “Why would you do that without my consent?” I ask, trying to sound as polite as possible. “I don’t need your consent to do whatever I want,” he says. “I should have thought twice before swiping right on you,” I say, standing up and grabbing my purse. I can’t stand his strange behavior and if I’m being honest, staying around him longer will only shoot my levels of paranoia. He doesn’t respond as I walk towards the door and out. Even as I wait for my Uber right outside the door, he doesn’t come after me. I look back into the restaurant through the glass doors when my Uber finally arrives and see Dillon sliding my plate towards himself. He’s eating my food. This has to be the worst of all the dates I’ve been on. *********************************** Synopsis: He searched several packs for a mate, she searched the world for a soulmate… After years of searching for someone to love and not finding a man perfect enough, Olivia Robinson resorts to dating apps hoping to finally find her soulmate. After hunting for his mate in several packs and not finding her, Dillon Barlowe, alpha of the moon bloomers pack is advised by his beta to have some fun on dating sites. Dillon and Olivia match on Tinder and decide to go on a date after a few days of chatting. What happens when Dillon finds that his mate is human? What does Olivia do when she begins to suspect that her Tinder match is not really human?


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • HE
  • shifter
  • powerful
  • drama
  • no-couple
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • enimies to lovers


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