Charlie & Her Alpha


Charlie & Her Alpha

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The first book in The Return of Magic series - Charlie & Her Alpha TW: THIS IS A REVERSE HAREM BOOK DO NOT READ IF THAT OFFENDS YOU! This book has graphic spicy scenes and some mild reference to b**m practices. If these topics offend you please, find a different book. This book touches on topics of A/S as well, I try to put TW in every chapter but be aware from the start that it is mentioned. From a regular woman with a fiance and a little coffee shop on the outskirts of the city to the center of an Alpha's attention - Charlie quickly finds her life flipped upside down as she is pulled back into the world of magic by a creature of night and his pack. Pulled by the call of a bond she does not understand, she is brought back into a world she had forced from her memories as a child. One that was forbidden by law, hidden from mortal sight for over 20 years. Charlie finds her pleasure and her purpose as she navigates the many changes in her life. Truths of both her past and of her desires are revealed as her world shifts from average to adventure in a matter of moments. This is just the start of her adventures with magic as it grows thicker in the air, soon to return and reclaim its place among the humans on the earth. Sample: He scented something familiar. Something female. Something he once found to be sweetly alluring was now mildly nauseating to him. Sierra rose from his bed, naked in her glorious long, lean form. She clicked on a bedside table lamp and made her way across the room to greet him. “It got so late, my Alpha, I couldn’t stay up any longer.” She ran her palms up and over his toned torso and chest. Where it once would have made him harden in a moment, it now felt wrong. “I’m sorry Sierra, tonight is just not a good night. Please, another time, but not tonight, I need to sleep alone.” “Are you sure my Alpha? I’ve been dying to kneel for you again,” she whined up to him. Jamie had to fight the urge just to growl the command to leave at the little thing before him, but that was not his style. It might have been his father’s, but it would never be his. “Yes, darling, please. Another night, but not tonight.” A lie. But one he was willing to tell if it got her out of his room. He knew why her naked presence now made him queasy. He wouldn’t tell anyone in the pack why, but he knew why the pretty she-wolf in front of him no longer made him hot. Jamie knew as soon as he caught the scent in the black pine tree forest along the human city border what he had stumbled upon- or more accurately, who.


  • adventure
  • alpha
  • love-triangle
  • sex
  • shifter
  • mate
  • kickass heroine
  • independent
  • drama
  • pack
  • Romance


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