OBSESSED with my future husband


OBSESSED with my future husband

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WARNING- Dark, Anti Heroes, Heroine who can kill and kills. b**m. Can Be Read as STANDALONE! HEA and thrilling read. ELLISON I'm not a simpering miss, nor I'm a damsel in distress, I'm a force of nature.And a nightmare for the monsters,that cross our paths on daily basis. I wasn't what he wanted, but I was what he desired.He was looking for a scaredy little princess, but found a Queen. BRANDON "If you think that you can buy the privilege of fucking my p***y then you have another thing coming, Brandon." "Its not a privilege if I am fucking whats mine." I said, my tone gruff as I circled her clit in slow motions. Her eyes darkened, her cheeks pinked and she let out a breath as she gasped, "I'm not." But her actions belied her words as her hand slipped between her legs, her fingers slipping between mine as we both caressed her soft flesh. Collecting the dew from her weeping entrance. "It sure feels like it." I groaned along with her as I slipped a finger inside her. "May be, to you?" She groaned. f**k. This woman. Makes me mad. She makes me a hungry beast. Loosening my hold on her wrist, I slipped my other hand behind her neck and grabbed a fistful of her hair as I tugged her head back and whispered, "Is that a challenge, princess?" She didn't answer me. No. Instead, she grabbed a fistful of my own hair and tugged me the rest of the way down and claimed my mouth with hers. She kissed me like she was as ravenous as I was. She devoured me like I wanted to do her. There was no finesse in this kiss. And I didn'tt want it either. It was perfect.


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