The Vampire's Heir


The Vampire's Heir

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The next Rising Story! --- "I am not having sex with a vampire!" I said almost shouting and standing up from the bed. "That's disgusting! That would be like laying with a corpse! Why don't you just take me back home and snatch some other girl off of the streets! I'm sure there are girls out there that are obsessed with vampires and would love to f**k one of you dead walking corpses!" I continued, not caring if what I said was hurting his feelings. I don't care anymore at all if I hurt his feelings! I don't ever want to touch him again and I don't ever want to kiss him again! I don't want to sleep with Azariah either! I shouted in my head. "I can't take you back." He said to me again. "You keep saying that! Why can't you?" I asked him in frustration and crossed my arms over my chest. "Because you are sort of it. It's in your blood." He said to me and my eyes widened in disbelief. --- I tilt my head off to the side, signaling for him to drink. I just hope I'm not making the biggest mistake of my life right now. He did tell me that this will help him but how much do I trust him? Is he going to be able to stop before he kills me? His hand slips around behind my back and pulls me closer as he puts his lips close to the skin on my neck. It's almost as if he is smelling me to make sure I'm fresh enough before he samples. I can feel his nose and lips move along my neck as if he is trying to find that perfect spot to sink his teeth into. His hot breath was moving at a slow steady pace along my skin, causing the little hairs on my body to stand up in excitement. He places a kiss just below my ear and I felt myself close my eyes. He continues to travel down my neck with kisses till he reaches the crook of my neck. A soft moan passes through my lips and just a second after, his mouth opens and I feel his razor-sharp fangs graze over my skin. --- Cameron Lynn Harper - 18yr who is just getting her life started when she discovers that she is mated to a vampire and is destined to carry a vampire baby. But what if the one who wants to impregnate her isn't her mate? What happens if she loves them both but she can only every have one vampire baby? What will happen when the King of all Vampires finds out about this rare human? What will happen when the human learns she is the mate of a vampire but that vampire isn't the Vampire King? Will she choose love and life or love and death?


  • love-triangle
  • possessive
  • kidnap
  • fated
  • mate
  • dominant
  • powerful
  • bxg
  • vampire
  • supernatural
  • Romance


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