The Geek and the Sheikh


The Geek and the Sheikh

Length: 07hrs 18mins 27 episodesCompleted
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Sheikh Jameel Saif-Ad-Din is in love. The problem is: he doesn’t know the identity behind the fascinating hacker he only knows as Bugs. There are two things he does know: Bugs is a woman and she is going to be his one day. As the danger to his family increases, so does the information Bugs shares with him until she goes silent and his greatest fear becomes reality. His family’s enemies have discovered her.Junebug Rains lives in a world of zeros and ones. Her only comforts are her sister, Midnight, the anonymity of the hacker world, and a special hacker named Jam-man. When her talents lead her and her sister into the dark world of government assassins, mercenaries, and foreign coups, her home is no longer safe and she seeks safety with the one man in the world she trusts–Jameel ‘Jam-man’ Saif-Ad-Din. Junebug is being hunted for her skills and the billionaire who wants her will do anything to capture her–including using Jameel as bait. Cast out into the world alone for the first time, Junebug will use every one of her skills and talents to protect the man she loves from the danger threatening them both, but will it be enough?]]>


  • adventure
  • opposites attract
  • female lead
  • hackers
  • secrets
  • crime
  • Romance


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