The Queen of Alphas


The Queen of Alphas

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Victoria is the daughter of the Moon Goddess. After her father died, she came back from the Olympus to the Werewolf Realm to reclaim her throne, as it was her birthright as the former Alpha King's firstborn child. Nevertheless, her half-brother Henrik wasn’t very happy about it. He wanted the throne for himself. With this in mind, he gathered many supporters who strongly believe that a female, a foreigner who didn’t know the pack, and the child of a distant and indifferent Goddess couldn’t ever be the Alpha of all alphas. Among his supports is Philip, her brother's best friend, and his most loyal follower. What happens when on her 18th birthday Victoria finds out Philip, her enemy, is her fated mate? Will Philip choose his ideals and hold his loyalty towards Henrik or Victoria’s lure? Excerpt: “I’ll reject her,” Philip told Henrik, there was no doubt in his mind. “No, you shouldn’t. You should win her trust, then you can spy and sabotage her, help our cause.” Henrik replied. Philip thought about it for a moment, he hated to be the mate of the throne’s usurper. He wasn’t sure if he could bear being close to her, first because she was a nasty usurper. Second, because this cursed bond made him crazily drawn to her. “But you can’t mark and mate her, if you do it, you would be lost. The bond would grow on you like a plague and you won’t be able to resist her manipulation, her web of lies, and her games.” “Don’t worry! I would never even consider putting my mark on that female! She is unworthy!”


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • mate
  • kickass heroine
  • queen
  • heir/heiress
  • bxg
  • moon goddess
  • magical world
  • enimies to lovers


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