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What if the person you love, who is hurt and abused by your ex one night, turns out to be your mysterious and powerful lady boss the next day ? * * * * * * * “Why are you not nervous, man ?”, Bryant asked. “Why should I be scared ?”, I replied irately. “Coz you literally blew up at Ellene when she abused your date infront of everyone ! Rovio’s CEO, Dane did not look pleased and I am guessing, it has to do with Ellene’s Torio”, he answered. “What are you trying to say, speak clearly ?”, I asked even more irritated than before. “Rovio doesn’t do business only with us, Andrew. Rovio is neck deep into Torio’s project. Your so called kitten can be the death of us ! You shouldn’t have protected that unknown, poor class girl.”, Bryant said nonchalantly. “Watch your words, Bryant !”, I gritted through my teeth. “You do realize that the only company more powerful than us is Rovio, right ? It can stomp on us to nothing”, he said. Before I could reply, Bryant noticed Dane and greeted the Rovio CEO cheerfully but nervously, “Hello Dane ! Pleasure to meet you.” “Likewise”, he replied coldly. “Let’s start the meeting”, I said indifferently. “The Chairman has personally come to discuss our partnership. Just replying to an important message outside”, Dane smirked. The doors of the conference hall opened simultaneously as I looked down at my vibrating phone to see my kitten’s text. Everyone stood up instantly and even without looking up, I could tell that the person who had come in was exuding a very powerful aura. Who is it that dares to own the business world ? I smirked as I put my phone away. I looked up to meet my impending disaster but at the far end of the table was the person I was least expecting to be !


  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • opposites attract
  • dominant
  • kickass heroine
  • CEO
  • drama
  • bxg
  • Romance


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