The Servant Mate Of The Triplet Angel Kings


The Servant Mate Of The Triplet Angel Kings

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So it's true. I am their mate! I am the one they have been waiting for all this time. How can that be? Can I really be so lucky? "Don't bother celebrating. We do not intend to make a detestable human servant our queen." Angel Fenris states, his voice laced with disgust just like the last time we met. His rude words hurt me more now than they did yesterday. The full moon must have heightened my emotions. "Surely you did not think that you're befitting in any way to sit by our side. A beautiful, virtuous princess is the least we were expecting our future queen to be. You're not fit to be her shadow let alone take her place." Angel Garren angrily expresses. The ache in my heart surge. I was warned not to snap or raise my voice when talking to them. Yet the urge to do so is overwhelming. * * * * * For the mighty angel kings of Lunacrest, only the most virtuous of women will do. After growing tired of waiting for a virtuous mate of pure heart, the triplet angel kings have decided to device a contest to find the most virtuous of all royal women to be crowned their queen. According to the rules of the contest, each of the beautiful princesses is to be hosted in the palace of Lunacrest for a duration of five days while her feminine virtues and loyalty to the angel kings gets tested. But what will happen when the angel kings discover that their fated mate is a lowly human servant with no royal blood? Keira is surprisingly the wisest and the kindest of all women. No woman of royal blood can match her virtues. But will the angel kings realise her value or will they be fooled by the faked grace and elegance of her beautiful mistress?


  • revenge
  • HE
  • powerful
  • prince
  • blue collar
  • drama
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • mythology
  • secrets
  • royal intrigue
  • Romance


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