Billionaire's Ex-Wife Returns With A Baby


Billionaire's Ex-Wife Returns With A Baby

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“We are divorced, Adams.” She sighed and wanted to walk away, but he held her. “It doesn't matter.” He answered, his voice laced with determination. “I don't love you anymore.” “That doesn't matter either. What matters is that I want you, and there's nothing you or anyone can do about it.” ***** Alicia's life has been a series of ups and downs. She suffered abuse from her husband and his family because she couldn't give him a child. She thought she had seen it all, but not until the day she returned home only to receive a letter of divorce from her husband. She pleaded but was met with deaf ears, and so she signed the documents and left. Little did anyone know that she was pregnant. She returned six years later with her baby girl only to find her Ex-husband craving her once more. How will she take this, and what other surprises does fate have in stock for her?


  • billionaire
  • HE
  • escape while being pregnant
  • second chance
  • kickass heroine
  • powerful
  • boss
  • heir/heiress
  • drama
  • bxg
  • Romance


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