Kade's Conquest


Kade's Conquest

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I open my eyes slowly and all I can see are white walls and an old nurse at my bedside, asking me something. “You are awake. Let me get the doctor for you”, saying so she leaves and moments later a gorgeous woman in a white coat enters with my sister right behind her. “How are you feeling Kade?” she asks and I am a goner for that killer smile of hers. “You have two broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder which is already popped back in, and a fractured wrist”, she continues explaining but I am mesmerized by her to even speaking anything. “Kade, you have to stay at the hospital for at least two weeks”, and thus she leaves in a hurry after hugging my sister tightly. “Who is she?”, I ask in a hoarse voice and my sister looks surprised. “You don't remember Thea? She's my childhood best friend”, she explains and I try my hardest to get over the shock. “That's Thea Williams? Damn”. She has changed completely. She is no more than a nerdy girl with braces and glasses bigger than her face. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kade Ryder is an arrogant and egoistic actor who rose to fame at the very young age of 28 years. He's a self-made billionaire and thinks he is the center of the universe. He is a womanizer and never had a serious relationship for years now. Thea Williams is a surgeon who is best friends with Violet, Kade's sister. She is an independent woman and hates Kade. She hates him for all the hurtful things he has said and done to her in the past. Let us see, whether these two get over their differences or still behave like stuck-up kids in their late twenties.


  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • friends to lovers
  • arrogant
  • doctor
  • bxg
  • childhood crush
  • Romance


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