Intrepid Spirit


Intrepid Spirit

Length: 10hrs 34mins 48 episodesCompleted
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Against orders, navy loose-cannon Moses Redding destroys an Iranian patrol boat firing on a refugee vessel, jeopardizing upcoming mid-east peace talks and banishing him to command of 200-year old, USS Constitution, on a goodwill tour of the Mediterranean. Purgatory for a man of action.Conflicts arise immediately between the brooding Redding, his second in command, his crew and Dr. Miriam Hannah, attached to the cruise as a naval historian and top aide to V.P. Virginia Mitchell, point person on the peace talks. The alpha-male Redding and the alluring, intellectual Dr. Hannah clash from the start, but the attraction is undeniable. Their conflicted, battle-of-the-sexes romance alternates between intellectual challenges and heated exchanges, to touching, often comic, moments.The other woman in Redding’s life is Constitution. Known to be haunted, she plays a mysterious supernatural character interceding to affect the transformation of Redding and, at key moments, the epic battle to come. A terrorist plot is unveiled by Iranian Colonel Farzad, his Amazonian Guards and a traitorous Egyptian general to abduct Mitchell in Egypt to end the peace talks and launch a world-wide jihad on the 4th of July.The plot fools the top brass and, by chance, only the crew of Constitution is in a position to intercede. Disobeying orders again, Redding must throw his ship and crew, with nothing but their antique weaponry, against a well-armed modern military force in an epic battle to save the day.]]>


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • adventure
  • ghost
  • soldier
  • supernatural
  • war


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