Length: 45hrs 54mins 244 episodesCompleted
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He was once one of the most celebrated pharmacists in the world, but became a tormented helpless young man after he had transmigrated to a fantasy universe. Bullying, murder attempts, poisoning, severe injuries—none of these were out of the norm for Carl... but neither were they a threat! With the medical knowledge he had from the 21st-century Earth, he overcomes the most lethal of poisons, teaches the bullies a painful lesson, puts the aristocrats in their place, and impresses the ambitious countess. Follow Carl on his incredible journey to defy the odds and become the greatest apothecary of this fantasy world! A young lady with cat ears, a domineering countess and other beauties surround him! Formidable knights, dwarven craftsmen, scheming merchants and ferocious pirates are no match for him! Secret formulas, magic weapons and magical beasts—you name them, he's got them!


  • Fantasy
  • bxg
  • kicking
  • brilliant
  • genius
  • magical world
  • another world
  • faceslapping
  • special ability


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