The Alpha's Mistake(Silver Forest Series Book 2)


The Alpha's Mistake(Silver Forest Series Book 2)

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Silver Forest Series: Not Your Typical Alpha (Book 1) The Alpha's Mistake (Book 2) ***WARNING THIS BOOK CONTAINS EXPLICIT SCENES, MANY SĒX SCENES, LOTS OF VIOLENCE, AND A LOT OF VULGAR LANGUAGE*** Alejandro Blackstone and Reina Stone are the most powerful alphas and couple in the country. After so much hardships to be together, they defeated the odds. They managed to find their happily ever after. Or so they thought. What will happen when Reina realizes that she will have to pay for a mistake from the past? What will happen when this mistake associates with very powerful witches? Will everyone from the Silver Forest pack make it out alive this time? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alex helped me up, making me smile. “You know that I am supposed to be helping you?” I told him, making him chuckle. “Why? I’m as good as new.” He said as he licked his lips. “Alex! You are not getting any until the doctor says that you are good.” I told him as I stopped his descending lips. “But wifey.” He pouted, making me smile at him. “One kiss.” I whispered as I moved my hand away. “Let’s make it a good one.” He said in a husky voice as he wiggled his eyebrows. I smiled as I leaned forward slowly but released a gasp of surprise when he gripped my neck and crashed our lips together. “Fūck, I missed your lips.” He mind linked me as he deepened the kiss, causing a moan to escape my lips. “Alex.” I moaned when he pulled me on top of him to straddle him. “Reina.” He replied as he gripped my asš cheeks tightly, forcing me to dry hump him. I pulled away to gasp for air as his lips made their way down to my neck. “Fūck.” I moaned, gripping his arms tightly. “I would love to.” He chuckled as he bit his mark on my neck, making me cūm on the spot.


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