Legend of the Moon Princess


Legend of the Moon Princess

Length: 18hrs 27mins 126 episodesCompleted
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Melody Jackman turned into a spitting image of her mother (Jessabelle). She and her wolf, Artemis, bow down to no man... Not even her mates. Even though she is a kick-ass tomboy, she is still pure of heart when the topic of true mates is concerned. She believes with her whole heart that the mate or mates that the Moon Goddess, Selene, has blessed someone with are to be treasured and loved no matter their race, strength, or rank. When Melody is gifted with not only being able to connect with other creatures' inner souls, (Vampire, Wolf, Bear, etc.) but when she finds her mates she finds out that the fate of the world depends on it surviving the difficulties of their differences and those that want to tear them apart. (*Note: This book is the sequel to Wild Love With My Triplet Mates.) The story can be enjoyed on its own, but for greater character understanding, please read Rise of Broken Luna first.


  • Fantasy
  • tomboy
  • princess
  • king
  • drama
  • werewolves
  • vampire
  • royal
  • apocalypse
  • magical world
  • special ability
  • kingdom building


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